Pepsi Zero Sugar Marathon Relay

Pepsi Zero Sugar Marathon Relay

If you’re not quite ready for a full or half-marathon, here’s your opportunity to join the fun! Grab a few friends and join us for this great event. SCROLL DOWN FOR RACE WEEKEND INFORMATION.

Team Relay:

A team of three to five runners will cover the entire 26.2-mile distance. Each runner will run at least one leg of 4–7 miles. Runners who wish to run more than one leg must run consecutive legs.

The team can have as few as three members competing. (If you’re only going to have two people on a team, enter the half marathon instead.) A runner who wants to enter the full or half-marathon may be part of a relay team, but must run the first leg, of course. He or she must also register for each of the events.

Teams can enter in the Men’s, Women’s or Open (Co-ed) divisions.

The first person registers, pays, and creates the team name. Other members then join the team.

Race Weekend:

Packet Pickup

The Relay team packet should be picked up by ONE member of the team. It will not be possible to issue partial packets to single individuals. One person should pick up the packet for the whole team.

Numbers, Batons and Timing Chips:

Team members will wear a race number visible on their front. It will be a different color from either the half or full marathon.

Relay runners will each have a timing chip in their bib. There is no need to exchange bibs/chips or any baton.

Relay Exchange Zones:

PLEASE RIDE THE SHUTTLE BUSSES TO THE EXCHANGE ZONES. There is no convenient parking (or even access via car) at the exchange zones.

Corrals are set up at each relay exchange point. “Handoffs” will take place in the marked area.

 Exchange Zone Locations
Leg 1 Start 0.0 mile At the Starting Line 4.2 miles
Leg 2 Start 4.2 mile West Fulton & Mt. Vernon 6.1 miles
Leg 3 Start 10.3 mile On bike path at north end of Millennium Park 4.6 miles
Leg 4 Start 14.9 mile At bike bridge on Indian Mounds Drive 6.5 miles
Leg 5 Start 21.4 mile At bike bridge on Indian Mounds Drive 4.8 miles
 Shuttle Bus Schedule

Bus Departs

All Shuttle Busses are on Seward Ave
6:00 – 9:00
9:00 and Up
To Leg 2 Start NO BUS – Walk south to Fulton, then 1 block east
To Leg 3 Start Millennium Park 8:15 a.m. 8:30 a.m.
To Leg 4 Start Indian Mounds Drive at bike bridge 8:30 a.m. 8:45 a.m.
To Leg 5 Start Indian Mounds Drive at bike bridge 9:15 a.m. 9:30 a.m.

Relay FAQ

Do we need five runners?

You may have three, four, or five runners. A runner may run more than one leg, but they must be consecutive. If you want to have two runners, you should each just sign up for the half-marathon instead. (That way you can both be drinking beer together after the race!)

How long are the legs?

The length of each legs varies according to the table above. Split times will not be available for each leg.

Are there shelters at the exchange zones?

The shuttle buses will be available as a shelter for the relay people.  Leg 2 Start is under the freeway and is out of the weather entirely. (Unless it’s snowing sideways, then just pretend you’re running Groundhog.

May I get myself to the the exchange zone? Do I have to ride the bus?

We strongly recommend riding the bus to relay exchange zones for Leg 3, Leg 4, and Leg 5 since the course is closed to automobile traffic. Exchange for Leg 2 is only a short walk from the YMCA so all of the Leg 2 runners will need to make their way to that point (W. Fulton and Mt. Vernon) by themselves. Parking is an issue at the exchange zones so if you intend to drive make sure you consider parking.

Will my clothes and valuables be returned to the starting line on the buses?

Yes they will, HOWEVER, you may arrive before the bus does. The Grand Rapids Marathon cannot be responsible for your valuables left at the exchange zones. You should coordinate with your teammates as to how your gear will be handled.

What shall I do with my clothes and valuables?

Make a plan with your teammates as to how you will handle your clothes. We strongly suggest that you do not bring any valuables with you. The exchange zone volunteers cannot be responsible for your stuff.

What constitutes a co-ed team?

That’s easy, co-ed teams have more than one gender. The ratio is irrelevant. All genders welcome.

May my friends and I WALK the relay?

Experience has shown that having an entire team of walkers is not a good idea. The last runners will  likely miss the shuttle buses back to the start/finish area. Relay teams should plan on finishing at least at a slow-run pace (under 6 hours).

Is it OK for all my teammates to cross the finish line together?

Yes. Recommended even.

Does every member of the team get the same swag? 

YES. Shirts, medals, portajohn usage, etc.