It’s Mile 25!

Sunday morning.  Or afternoon.  For YOU!

It’s Mile 25. God Save The Queen!

You’re almost there, just about to jump off the bike path onto Wealthy Street. The 25-mile mark. Take out the headphones. It’s time to engage ALL your senses and fully feel what’s going on. Your legs are sore. Your body is tired.  Your stomach has had ENOUGH Gatorade and water. The people around you are all feeling the same.  All that discomfort is a result of YOU, DOING SOMETHING FEW OTHERS WILL EVER DO!  Feel it. It hurts. It’s supposed to hurt. But YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES. Talk to your comrades, the people you’ve been sharing the battle with. Encourage them. Rejoice with them.

The “1 Mile To Go” flag comes into sight. Three more turns, and far in the distance you see the FINISH LINE. The race announcer’s voice is heard as you approach the 26-mile marker!

You push forward, giving it all you have as your friends and family come into focus. Your emotions are running faster than your legs. The announcer is calling YOUR NAME. Feel this moment with your whole being!  It’s a victory! It’s a marathon!

It’s gonna be a great weekend! Mothers will be proud. Angels will rejoice!