Adventure – the reason we run

Fresh air, cool trails, and marathons all over the world to enjoy. Places to explore that you would never have known about if you didn’t run.

I found a “jungle ruins” type of stairway up from the end of Sixth Street up the hill to Lookout Park. At the end of the bike bridge across the Grand River the trail can actually be followed along the old railroad bed, under the freeway and to the train yard on the other side. There’s a great sand hill to climb in the middle of Richmond Park. And tons of other cool place right close to home. Stuff to explore with your friends and your kids.

Then there’s Pikes Peak. Wild Horse Canyon in Green River Wyoming. The Pacific coast at Big Sur. The Inca Trail. The world is a big playground if you can cover a few miles of it on foot.

If you’re training for something close to home, that’s great. But there are a lot of good adventures to enjoy everywhere your feet can take you.

Approach your next run like it’s an adventure. Explore a new road, a new track, a new trail.

See you at the finish line.