Singing with the voice you have

I posted on Facebook the other day something that popped into my head while driving down the road: We all have to sing with the voice that we have. The sad part is that people don’t let their music come out.

It occurred to me that this also applies to the running world. Everybody has a different “voice to sing with.” The guys who run out front, going for the win. The charity runners who are raising money for a good cause or a friend who was a victim of something. The people who lost a ton of weight and totally turned their lives around. The bucket list people. The thousands of runners with thousands of stories.

We all feel the same joy, the same pain, the same struggle, the same victory. We’re singing different parts, but the harmony is amazing.

P.S. You don’t have to be good. Ever listen to Bob Dylan sing? You all know who Bob Dylan is, right? (Maybe that’s all the metaphors I’ll use for today.)