Marathon News from Grand Rapids 13 April 2017

Marathon News from Grand Rapids
The Pre-History of the GR Marathon
It was a late-winter night in 2001, when Shawn Sweet and I were at the Hair of the Frog, enjoying one of their great microbrews, and learning about the nature trail that was right off the end of the street by the Frog. We thought that maybe another Shawn & Don event might be appropriate. Over the next couple weeks we scouted the trails and the surrounding streets. We couldn’t quite figure out a course that was 5K that got us back to the Frog, so instead, we created the Frogger 5.5K. We figured we would hold it on a Friday night so we didn’t conflict with any of the Saturday races.
Now, to find a good Friday to hold it. That’s it! Good Friday! So, on Good Friday, Friday the 13th, 2001, the second Shawn & Don event happened. (You see what I was doing with that Good Friday thing, right?)  READ MORE