So I Came Home With An Attitude

Yesterday was a long travel day — about 26 hours from our hotel in Bangkok to my driveway in GR. I should be really jet-lagged today, but I had a nice evening last night, got a solid 4 hours of sleep, and was totally pumped for spin class this morning at 5:15. Maybe I’ll crash this afternoon. Who knows. Maybe not watching any news for a week and a half helped.
But there’s something about taking a little break from the normal routine that makes me excited to be back here and back to work. That’s another reason to pick out something cool and sign up for it. Between the change of pace, the interesting scenery, and the nice people you meet, there’s a rejuvenation for the soul that’s awesome.
Look back sometimes. Compare where you were compared to where you are. If you’re a runner, you’ll probably be pretty happy with your progress.
— Don Kern