Marathon News from Grand Rapids 23 February 2017


Marathon News from Grand Rapids
Back In The Old Days
I was looking at some files on an old disk, and came across the first article I ever got published. It ran in a local publication called “The Paper” back in November 2001. I used to read The Paper at the Bagel Beanery, and when their normal editorial person was going to be on vacation, I decided I should submit my story to them. I printed out a copy, and delivered it to their office (probably with a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk as well) and just told them they might like it.
They did. It ran that week, heavily edited for length. I submitted it to Michigan Runner as well. That version survived intact. It was the story of a bunch of my Grand Rapids Running Club friends, running on the South Beltline before it opened. In fact, it’s never been called the South Beltline since it opened–it’s M-6, the Paul B Henry Freeway along the south side of GR.
It was a foggy day. There was a meteor shower the night before. The new road was about to open, so this would be our only chance to actually run on it. And in the middle of the fog, Big John said, “You know what would be funny as heck? Running naked on the South Beltline.” We couldn’t help but agree. But while we were still laughing, Big John was getting naked.  READ MORE