Marathon News from Grand Rapids 2 June 2016

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Monday I was playing around in the lake with my youngest granddaughter, Alexis. It must be summer! I’m ready for some open water swimming.
Last Saturday at Bayshore, I was completely impressed with all of the people up there who had been training in cooler weather who really had to suck it up and fight their way through the heat and humidity to finish.
I had the advantage of being pretty slow, and when I finally got to the 26 mile mark, there was a party of my friends going on. They had a special sign and a beer for me. I finished the marathon with a whole entourage. Feeling like a rock star.
Also proud of our staff members who ran last weekend too. Kara (and her husband Brad) ran their first marathons! Rick, Mandy, Erika, and Gail all ran well. One of our pacers, Marissa Martz, took second overall female! Ryan and Jen ran the half. I’m probably missing somebody. Sorry.
But here’s something: The reason things go so well here at the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon is that our staff is a staff of runners! We all love what we do and do what it takes to give you the best experience ever!
Then there’s the stuff that shows up in my inbox that brings tears to my eyes:
You do not know me and we have never met.
My son-in-law Thomas Durst ran his first marathon last weekend at the Bayshore event and finished injury free.
We talked about how inspirational your newsletter is and about how you would be running your 300th marathon wearing the number 300 at 60 years of age. I personally have run 3 marathons and stand in sheer amazement as to how one completes 300 of them. Wow, simply wow.
I have a picture of you and Thomas because you were gracious enough to pose with several people last Saturday. Thank you.
Thomas says he is going to do it again……
I just wanted you to know,
Bernadette Braganini
Kalamazoo, Michigan
It’s one of the reasons I love this. People setting goals and reaching them. Making things happen. Inspiring others to follow them. Days don’t go by without being thankful for the people I meet.