Two days to go …

Last night was our final pre-race staff meeting. We started early. We loaded all the shirts, packet pickup stuff, signs, medals, and about half of my household furniture into a UHaul truck and a MyWay Storage box and headed for the YMCA. This morning we’ll be covering up the gym floor and getting ready for the expo.

I was looking around the house last night at the amazing staff of people that we have working on this event. Resourceful, passionate, dedicated. Little meetings were going on all over the place as they figured out where everyone was going and what they needed.

If you see people walking around in a bright yellow/green jacket with our logo on it this weekend, stop and give them hugs or something. They’re AWESOME people.

And Then There’s YOU.

The reason we’re doing this. To give you the best race experience ever! We’re all excited to meet you this weekend.

All weekend–YES, I’m busy. But not too busy to stop for a minute and say hello. Stop me if you see me at the expo or anywhere else this weekend.

And most importantly, I’m excited to see you Sunday, crossing the FINISH LINE. Looking forward to a handshake or a hug.

This is a life-changing event. I’m proud of our staff, our runners, our community. Race weekend is here!